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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Emerging Spring Foliage

Spring has settled in at Bellefontaine Cemetery, and many gardens are waking up with a spectacular display easily overlooked.  As our perennial plants, shrubs, and trees break their dormancy, their leaves and flowers quickly develop to absorb the warm rays of the sun and to attract those early-flying pollinators.  Many…...

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Thank you to everyone who came out to run or walk with us on this blustery spring morning! We were honored to have over 70 people join us for our first Fox Trot.  Several attendees actually spotted the foxes during the race. How amazing is that!?!?! The race winner was…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Daffodils

Though officially described by Linnaeus in 1753, the daffodil is one of the oldest cultivated ornamental and medicinal plants, featuring in the cultures of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and even the Chinese who acquired bulbs via ancient trade routes such as the Silk Road.  By contemporary standards, daffodils have become…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom

With the recent persistence of warm Missouri weather (especially at night), many of our garden plants are waking up nearly a month ahead of last year!  In particular,  non-native species who are not accustomed to our wild swings in temperature are beginning to bloom. Some even reached their peak before…...

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