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Wildwood Valley featured in “St. Louis Magazine”

We are honored to be the subject of Chris Naffziger’s May 28, 2015 article for St. Louis Magazine! The article highlights Bellefontaine’s new Wildwood Valley Gardens, a lush gardenspace intertwined with paths and a stream connecting Bellefontaine’s two lakes. The cemetery is open from 8-4:30 daily, and we invite you to…...

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Fruits of our Labor

Over 100 years ago, Bellefontaine Cemetery was more than just a home for the departed.  Staff maintained certain parts of our landscape as a farm, growing a number of fruits on the Cemetery’s property.  In the early days of Bellefontaine’s history, burials provided only a portion of the business needed…...

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Bellefontiane Featured in American Cemetery & Creation Magazine

We are honored to be the feature story in the March 2015 edition of American Cemetery & Cremation Magazine. See the full article here: March 2015 American Cemetery Article...

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Bellefontaine: A Nice Place to Raise a Family

At Bellefontaine Cemetery, many of our wild friends find that our serene atmosphere – with it’s large, old-growth trees, dense shrub and perennial plantings – makes for an excellent spot to settle down and raise a family. From mammals to insects, the cemetery fosters an environment very conducive to the…...

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