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Green Burial

Green burial is an affordable and
environmentally friendly natural burial
option utilizing a biodegradable container
with no embalming, metal caskets,
and burial vaults.
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Traditional Burial

From multi-grave private lots to single plots, our affordable traditional burial options ensure you will find the final resting place appropriate
to your needs.
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Flameless Cremation

Flameless cremation is a gentle & environmentally-friendly process that accelerates the natural breakdown of the body, creating clean mineral bone ash for inurnment or burial.
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Green Burial

Niches For Cremation

Our indoor, elegant Hotchkiss Chapel
Columbarium features wooden and
glass-front niches. Our breathtaking
Lakeside columbarium features
niches on the outside walls.
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Kit Bond Chestnut Grove Dedication

Thursday evening, June 10, we held a private event at Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum in St. Louis, MO: the dedication of the Kit Bond Chestnut Grove. This Grove celebrates Kit Bond, whose persona is a well-educated, worldly man with his feet planted firmly in Missouri soil. Although Kit served in both Washington, D.C. as Senator and Jefferson City as Governor of Missouri, the man celebrated was noted for his deep roots and a heart firmly planted in the farmland of Mexico, Missouri.

In 1992, the former U.S. Senator started the first commercial Chinese Chestnut orchards at his farm in Mexico, Missouri. Working with Dr. Gene Garrett, who headed up the Agroforestry Department at the University of Missouri, and Wayne Lovelace, the head of Forrest Keeling Nurseries, Kit helped spur the growth of the chestnut industry for Missouri farmers.

Bellefontaine Cemetery felt it would be fitting to establish a chestnut grove as part of the Arboretum collection to recognize Kit’s contribution to Missouri, Missouri farmers, and our country. The area will be used to educate visitors about the different species of Chestnut trees, the impact that small farms can have on reviving industry and illustrate the impact that one man can have on the world.

See photos from the event.

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Membership & Giving

A variety of giving levels and benefits are available for your generous donations.
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Floral Tributes & Lot Care

A place of interment provides a place of remembrance and serenity for family and friends — a place to honor those we love. Bellefontaine offers several options for honoring your loved one through lot maintenance and beautification.
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