Whether you are looking to establish a multi-grave private lot, or are in need of a single space, Bellefontaine’s grounds offer many options to meet your needs. Listed below are descriptions of a sampling of our offerings, highlighting the beauty and peace Bellefontaine offers you and your family.

Should you wish to learn more or reserve your space, we are here to help.  Please email us, or contact the cemetery office at 314-381-0750 to setup a consultation and guided tour.

Wildwood Valley Gardens

Bellefontaine’s Cypress Lake and Cascade Lake anchor Wildwood Valley, while a meandering stream connects the lakes and flows around the Lakeside Columbarium. New botanical style gardens, surround the columbarium and stream and provide both cremation and traditional burial options. The garden plantings were designed by William Cullina, head of the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, currently ranked number one by Trip Advisor as the nation’s best botanical garden. The area features long curving stone walls, swards of green grass, lush, flowering gardens along the stream, and ribbons of path crossing the stream and connecting the gardens.  Single graves in Wildwood Valley Gardens begin at $5,000 plus opening and closing charges.

Historic Center

Woodbine Way-3compressed
View down Woodbine Avenue through the historic center of the cemetery.

Bellefontaine’s historic center offers tree-lined avenues, grassy knolls, perennial planting beds, and opportunities to rest a stone’s throw from some of St. Louis’s most famous movers and shakers. There are many single graves and some large and small family lots available in this area. Single graves in the Historic Center begin at $1,600 each, plus opening and closing charges.


Memorial Valley

Memorial Valley-3compressed
Memorial Valley in the summer.

Memorial Valley lies midway between our lakes and a high knoll planted with Missouri short leaf pines. There are a number of single graves as well as large and small family lots available here. Single graves in Memorial Valley begin at $1,100 each, plus opening and closing charges.



Redbud Valley

Red Bud Valley-2compressed
Red Bud Valley offers a mid-century traditional setting for burial, with gravespaces organized in rows throughout.

This small, open area is tucked in a valley near the Hotchkiss Chapel, and surrounded by other historic sections of cemetery. Honoring its name, it is planted with many species of redbuds. Its orderly rows offer a more contemporary cemetery feel. Redbud Valley contains both single graves and small family lots — typically between one and four graves each. Single graves in Redbud Valley begin at $800 each, plus opening and closing charges.


Lavender Hill

Lavendar Hill-2compressed
View of the cemetery looking north from Lavendar Hill.

This area, named Lavender Hill because lavender was once grown there, is near the front of the cemetery. It is in view of Cypress Lake and the new Wildwood Valley Gardens. Primarily single graves are available in Lavender Valley, priced beginning at $1,100, plus opening and closing charges.




The view down Rosary Ave. toward Riverside and the historic Humboldt Gatehouse.

Riverside is a flat, mostly open area at the rear of the cemetery, planted densely with many flowering shrubs and trees. Primarily single graves are available at Riverside, priced beginning at $550 each plus opening and closing charges. Packages including both the gravespace and weekday interment are available at $1,350.



Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights.
Tombs in the Spring, Prospect Heights.

On the bluffs of the Mississippi, Prospect Avenue is a stately promenade where many prominent figures in St. Louis history have been laid to rest. Prospect Heights is an ideal location for those who wish to build a private mausoleum or erect a large monument. Though individual grave purchase is not available in Prospect Heights, there are still a limited number of available private lots left.  Please inquire with the cemetery office for more information.