Bellefontaine is grateful for all the generous gifts from its members. These Friends of Bellefontaine give over $1,000 annually and are members of the 1849 Society:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, Jr.
Ms. Suellen Bateman
Mr. Michael L. Crawford
Ms. Nina O. Durham
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Freerks
Mr. Daniel A. Fuller and Mr. H. Thomas Allen, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hager, II
Ms. Virginia Imster
Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Johnson
Ms. Alicia McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. John McPheeters
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Noland
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Peters, II
Rev. Roy Pfautch
Mrs. Cookie Potter
Ms. Mary Ellen Stan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Streett
Mr. John P. Stupp, Jr. & Mr. Robert P. Stupp
Mrs. Valerie P. Terry
Mrs. Eugene F. Williams, Jr.

Giving to Bellefontaine Cemetery

Become a Friend of Bellefontaine Cemetery. To make a gift to the Friends of Bellefontaine, you can call Joe Shields at 314-381-0750, or you can donate online in three ways:

Using VENMO,
Using PayPal,