Relocating?  Welcome to Bellefontaine!

Just as families move to new homes as they outgrow old ones, for hundreds of years families have also moved their loved ones to new resting places.  In fact, Bellefontaine was founded in 1849 in part because many of St. Louis’ cemeteries had closed, moved, or were too small to accommodate the needs of the city’s burgeoning population.  In its first two years of operation, almost half of burials at Bellefontaine were re-interments of people and families moved from other cemeteries.  Still today, families move within Bellefontaine when their old lots are full, and move from other cemeteries when they want to bring family together from different locations, or have concerns about finances or maintenance if their cemetery has fallen on hard times.

Exploring your options…

Bellefontaine can help you explore your options when considering a move within our grounds, or from another cemetery.  We can advise you on the process of that move, and in many cases can handle most of the details on your behalf.  A move, or “re-interment,” is often a more delicate and involved process than a first-time interment, so naturally there are additional steps and charges involved.

For those who determine that re-interment is not an appropriate fit, Bellefontaine offers many other ways to commemorate and honor loved ones, regardless of their physical location.  For more information on these options, we invite you to explore our commemoration page.

For those who determine disinterment is their desired option, Bellefontaine will guide you through the following steps involved in the process.  These requirements and costs may vary somewhat with each situation.  We are happy to advise families on how best to make these arrangements, and to make them on behalf of you or your family whenever possible.

  • Disinterment:  Disinterment is the process of opening the current grave or crypt in preparation to move the deceased.  The cemetery where the disinterment takes place determines the policies, procedures, and charges for disinterment on their property.  At Bellefontaine, disinterment for a standard full-burial is $1,700.
  • Removal and transfer:  Charges for transporting the deceased from their original resting place to Bellefontaine typically ranges from $250-$850 for local transfers.  In addition, a new structurally-sound outer container or vault may need to be purchased for safe travel, at a cost ranging from $300-$1,000.
  • Re-interment cost:  upon arrival to Bellefontaine, the grave or graves at the new lot must be opened, the casket placed, and the grave closed.  For cremation burial, the cost is $600, and for traditional burial the cost is $1,100.  For more interment pricing, please download our products and services brochure available for download in our resources section.

Other Considerations

Monument relocation.  You may certainly take your monument with you from one cemetery to another, or move it within Bellefontaine to a new lot.   It belongs to you or your family, not the cemetery.  You will need to pay for removal from its foundation, for transport from one place to another, and for installation of a new foundation for the monument.  This cost can be minimal for a small marker, or very large if the memorial is large and/or fragile.

Sale / donation of old lot:   If you don’t wish to retain your old lot, and if all burials have been removed, you may be able to sell or donate it.  At Bellefontaine (and most non-profit cemeteries), our rules allow you to sell the lot back to the cemetery at the original purchase price.  Or, you may donate it back, using its current market value, and take a tax deduction. For very old graves or lots, this may be a financially wise move.

If you or your family are considering a relocation, we would be more than happy to walk you through specifics of your personal situation.   Feel free to call or email either Richard or Gracie for assistance.