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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Fall Asters

The familiar garden aster serves as a vital food source for countless insects.  With few other perennials blooming in the fall and most flowering plants beginning to prepare for winter dormancy, the prolific blossoms of myriad asters are a necessary piece of the wild food chain.  The New England aster…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Sparse Summer Blooms

Late summer can see a dearth of blooms, often leaving the gardener to rely on those few perennials that blossom before the fall, or those that have a long-lasting bloom period stretching into September. Blooming trees and shrubs are nearly absent this time of year, with a few exceptions, the…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Uncommon Missouri Splendor

Summer puts the spotlight on prairie plants in Missouri, and many of the most hardy, drought-tolerant, and attractive native perennials occur in prairies, woodland edges and glades.  Meadow phlox (Phlox maculata) is often found growing along moist, open woodlands, or moist meadows along rivers and streams.  This peculiar phlox species…...

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2017 Beer Barons Brewers Announcement

Our dear friends at Alpha, Heavy Riff and Public House are on board for October 14th and 15th!  More to come… TICKETS ON SALE AUGUST 15th This year our annual Beer Barons tour will be on October 14 and 15 from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm. The tasting tent will…...

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