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Green is Golden April 12, 2016

IMG_4162An important aspect of the mission of Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum is to be effective stewards of our natural resources. Here are some of the ways that we are reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Natural Grassland Establishment – Keeping  monuments and markers accessible involves a great deal of grass mowing. However, we have identified large areas of the cemetery where mowing is not necessary and are currently establishing natural grasslands. This will reduce our use of fossil fuels and re-introduce natural habitats for the animals who live on the grounds.

Evergreen Glen – Stone weirs and native plants are being put in place to slow and capture storm-water as it rushes through the valley. Bellefontaine has received substantial grant funding from both the Metropolitan Sewer District and the Missouri Department of Conservation for this project. The end result will be a functional and beautiful, sheltered valley near the historic center of the cemetery, planted with native Missouri perennials, shrubs, and trees.

Green Burials – our commitment to the environment extends to burial practices as well. As a Green Burial Council certified cemetery, we proudly offer a variety of

Evergreen Meadow Entrance
Evergreen Meadow Entrance

natural burial options throughout the cemetery. Any burial may have any number of elements of a green burial – no embalming, a natural casket such as wicker or wood, a burial shroud,a hand dug grave, or even a biodegradable cremation urn with soil amendments to help keep the burial ground in balance. Visit our Green Burial page for more information.

Evergreen Meadow
Evergreen Meadow

Evergreen Meadow – adjacent to Evergreen Glen we have created Evergreen Meadow, a dedicated Green Burial area. In this burial ground we endeavor to offer the most natural and least invasive burial possible. You can learn more about green burials and Evergreen Meadow by downloading our Green Burial Brochure and watching our Green Burial Video.

Earth Day Festival at Forest Park – Please visit our booth at the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park on Sunday April 24th. Our volunteers and staff will be on hand for any questions you have regarding our efforts to protect the environment, nurture wildlife at the cemetery, and helping those who have lived a green life plan for a burial to match their life practice.

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