Discover Wildwood Valley Gardens

Intertwined with the stream and paths connecting Bellefontaine’s upper and lower lakes, Wildwood Valley Gardens is a botanical jewel designed by award-winning landscape architect Herb Schaal, and with gardens designed by William Cullina, head of the top-ranked Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. With hundreds of feet of curving walls, grassy terraces, and fountains on the stream, the gardens will honor the community of those we love, and invoke the timeless, restorative serenity of nature.

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Bellefontaine’s Wildwood Valley offers many burial options.

Family Estates

The Family Estates of Wildwood Valley are located along the highest terrace of the gardens, adjacent to Bellefontaine’s Lake Avenue. Each Family Estate can accommodate cremation, traditional, and green burial, and may range in size from 4 to 24 graves, with lot pricing beginning at $20,000. These estates back up to lush gardens, and feature sweeping views of Wildwood Valley and the surrounding lakes.

View down Woodbine Avenue through the historic center of the cemetery.

Garden Lawn Crypts

The Garden Lawn Crypts of Wildwood Valley are nestled just below the Family Estates in the grassy middle terrace of the gardens. Each lawn crypt is a pre-installed outer burial container accommodating up to two traditional burials in a single grave space. For those who prefer an outer container such as a vault, these lawn crypts serve as an ideal alternative. Each Garden Lawn Crypt includes two burial rights, sold together, and memorialization on a dedicated panel in the adjacent garden wall. Pricing begins at $7,500.

Memorial Valley in the summer.

Garden Cremation Burial

The Cremation Gardens at Wildwood Valley accommodate in-ground scattering and cremation burial in biodegradable urns. Benches and a paved pathway line the area between the cremation garden and the stream. Each cremation burial is memorialized via a dedicated panel on the adjacent garden wall. Pricing for cremation burial begins at $4,000 for the first right of interment.

Red Bud Valley offers a mid-century traditional setting for burial, with grave spaces organized in rows throughout.

Family Cremation Nooks

The Cremation Nooks of Wildwood Valley are family-style cremation gardens nestled throughout the area’s lower terrace. Each nook is semi-private; featuring a walkway and bench surrounded by plantings, and overlooking the stream. These exclusive alcoves may accommodate from 6-16 cremations, with pricing beginning at $50,000 per nook. Memorialization will be unique to each nook.