Memorialization at Bellefontaine Cemetery

Memorials serve as a permanent record for future generations. Memorials allow family, friends, the community, and researchers to know about past generations. We’re happy to help you create a unique memorial in the form of a cenotaph for placement at Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum. For 170 years, Bellefontaine has worked with families, architects and artists to design unique memorials to celebrate loved ones. If you would like to learn more about memorialization, how to personalize your legacy, and other services offered at Bellefontaine Cemetery, please provide your information and will send you email updates about our services and upcoming events.

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Registration in the Archives

A cemetery is a place to grieve, honor, and remember, and to keep families linked through the generations with markers, records, and documents. There are few institutions better equipped for record-keeping than cemeteries, and people frequently discover ancestors through their cemetery searches of family lots. For a very small registration fee, the deceased’s name, dates of birth and death, and other basic information will be permanently kept at Bellefontaine Cemetery. This ensures that later generations have a starting place as they research their personal ancestry.


Monuments and Commemoration at Bellefontaine Cemetery

Bellefontaine has worked with families, architects, and artists to memorialize individuals and families with dignity, character, and art. We can design a range of unique memorials to honor your loved one, from gravestones and obelisks to cenotaphs.

Bellefontaine works with the best engravers and artisans to match markers on historic lots and to design unique monuments ranging from 20-foot obelisks to animal and angel statues. Our staff will work with you to design a unique marker or one that is consistent with the history of your family lot.



Cenotaphs are memorials placed with no interment. Bellefontaine has many of these memorials throughout the cemetery, both on family lots and on smaller sites. These memorials can take a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional small markers to boulders by our stream, angels placed under trees, and benches. We are happy to work with you to create personal and unique options based on your preferences. Wildwood Valley Gardens provides options for cenotaphs. Families can place pavilions, garden statuary, and engrave on our garden wall in this area in honor of a loved one, whether their remains are interred at the cemetery.