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Saints and Sinners – Zoom Presentation

Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum

Saints and Sinners and Bellefontaine Cemetery The era in which we live may impact our idea of who is a Saint or a Sinner. Virginia Minor worked most of her life to make the world better for others. During the Civil War, she worked with the St. Louis Union Aid Society, a precursor to the American Red Cross. Later, she attempted to use the 14th Amendment to vote in the Presidential of 1872 and worked to secure women the right to vote. Despite Virginia’s lifetime of service, no clergy would officiate her 1894 funeral because her Suffragist belies and activities were considered disruptive of the “natural order” of the times.   Learn how others in their time may have been classified compared to how we view their lives today during a free Zoom presentation featuring some of the Saints and Sinners eternally resting within the 314 acres of Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum. Reservations are required, so please sign up today! REGISTER NOW!   MAKE A GIFT Tours are free, however, donations to the Friends of Bellefontaine Cemetery are gratefully accepted. To make a gift to the Friends of Bellefontaine, email Joe Shields or call our office at 314-381-0750. Make a gift onlineVENMO: @FriendsofBellefontaineCemeteryPAYPAL: donations@bcastl.org