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Beer Barons – Zoom Presentation

Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum

Beer Barons at Bellefontaine Cemetery Join us for a ZOOM presentation about Bellefontaine’s Beer Barons! Beer making has been part of the St. Louis scene since the mid-1800s, and more than 60 Beer Barons are buried at Bellefontaine. The city became a leader in beer production because of our location, lots of clean water, unique cave systems used to lager beer, and a heavy migration of Germans who helped make and consume the product. Our presentation will focus on eleven of the more provocative Barons. Some well-known include Busch, Anheuser, and Lemp, as well as less prominent names like Max Feuerbacher and William Nolker. REGISTER NOW! MAKE A GIFT Tours are free, however, donations to the Friends of Bellefontaine Cemetery are gratefully accepted. To make a gift to the Friends of Bellefontaine, email Joe Shields or call our office at 314-381-0750. Make a gift onlineVENMO: @FriendsofBellefontaineCemeteryPAYPAL: donations@bcastl.org