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Bellefontaine Architects and Architecture – Zoom Presentation

Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum

Architects of Bellefontaine Cemetery During this online presentation, we will discuss George I. Barnett, an early St. Louis architect who made a significant impact on the early history of St. Louis. Moving through time, we will discuss William Sylvester Eames, Isaac Taylor, and several others who made an impact on the buildings and very fabric of St. Louis.  Architecture is the soul of a city. Skylines often are the signature of a city.  Sign up now to attend this free 50-minute Zoom presentation. REGISTER NOW!   MAKE A GIFT These presentations are free. However, donations to the Friends of Bellefontaine Cemetery are gratefully accepted To make a gift to the Friends of Bellefontaine, email Cara Crocker or call our office at 314-381-0750. Make a gift onlineVENMO: @FriendsofBellefontaineCemeteryPAYPAL: ccrocker@bcastl.org