Cremation options at Bellefontaine Cemetery

Bellefontaine offers a number of options for cremated remains, from our Hotchkiss Chapel Columbarium or Lakeside Columbarium, to traditional burial or in-ground scattering.

Cremated remains may be interred at any site that is available for traditional burials.
In addition, niches for placing urns with cremated remains are available at our open-air Lakeside Columbarium or in the simple elegance of the Hotchkiss Chapel, which provides indoor comfort in a historic setting. Bellefontaine also offers in-ground scattering in several natural settings within the cemetery. Finally, there are gardens available for cremation burial in Wildwood Valley, located near our lakes and the stream that runs between them.

If you would like to learn more about cremation options and other services offered at Bellefontaine Cemetery, please provide your information and will send you email updates about our services and upcoming events.

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Hotchkiss Chapel PlazaHotchkiss Chapel Columbarium

Designed by Eames and Young and completed in 1909, Hotchkiss Chapel was named in honor of the designer and first superintendent of Bellefontaine Cemetery, Almerin Hotchkiss. A complete renovation of the historic chapel was completed in 2009. A columbarium for cremated remains was added and includes 600 wooden and glass-front niches. The chapel is available for memorial services before or after an inurnment.

Prices for niches at Hotchkiss Chapel range from $3,500 to $5,700, depending on wood versus glass fronts, and whether for one or two persons. Our staff can assist you in selecting cremation urns for placement in the niche.

Bellefontaine’s green burial cart is available for green burials throughout the cemetery. Shown here with a willow casket on the Hotchkiss Chapel Plaza.Lakeside Columbarium in Wildwood Valley

Responding to the public’s increasing preference for cremation, Bellefontaine established its second cremation offering: Lakeside Columbarium. The Columbarium, set between Cascade and Cypress Lakes in Wildwood Valley, has a fountain, flowing pools, and an arbor with benches for contemplation. Niches are on the outside walls, overlooking the lakes, stream, and surrounding landscape. Prices for niches at Lakeside are $4,000 for a single right of inurnment and $5,200 for two.

Garden Cremation in Wildwood Valley

Our garden wall will provide a unique memorialization option for those opting for cremation burial among the gardens in Wildwood Valley. Cremation burial spaces in Wildwood Valley Gardens begin at $4,000 for a single right of inurnment and $5,200 for two.

Flameless Cremation

Flameless Cremation offers many of the environmental benefits of green burial. The process uses water instead of flame, expending 85% less energy than traditional cremation. Using a combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity, flameless cremation accelerates the natural breakdown of the body creating ashes for inurnment or burial. This process mirrors what naturally happens during a green burial, but in a period of 10-12 hours instead of several years.

Other Cremation Options

While aboveground scattering is not permitted in most areas throughout the cemetery, you may choose to in-ground scatter ashes in place of an urn burial in most locations throughout the cemetery.