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Bellefontaine In Bloom – Lilies

The month of June brings BCA’s diverse collection of lilies into full bloom.  True bulbous lilies, Lilium, cemetery lilies, Crinum, and hardy water lilies, Nymphaea, provide visitors myriad colors, textures, and fragrances. In the gardens of Wildwood Valley, twenty varieties and 3,125 total bulbs of true lilies, Lilium, were planted…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Native Fruit-bearing Plants

The climate in Missouri lends itself to growing a wide variety of trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials.  Included in the long, diverse list of species that thrive in our four-season environment are a number of fruiting trees and shrubs.  Some, such as apples, peaches, plums, etc., require diligent attention to…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Bowman’s root, red-hot poker, and yellow foxglove

The garden in late spring is an exciting place as slowly emerging perennials fill in empty spaces while a myriad of blossoms begin unfurling.  The long-awaited true spring show really shines in May and June, with a few standouts in mid-May.  One of these May show-stoppers is Bowman’s root, Porteranthus…...

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Bellefontaine in Bloom – Fire Pinks, Iris, and Pawpaws

Pure red is an uncommon color among Missouri’s native perennials, and few are more perfectly scarlet than the fire pink (Silene virginica).  Fire pinks occur along barren slopes and glades, often in very poor soils with large amounts of rock, clay, or sand.  Each year, small basal rosettes form very…...

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