Bellefontaine Cemetery - St. Louis, Missouri

Monument and Memorial Service information at Bellefontaine Cemetery, St Louis, Missouri


Thousands of unique memorials mark the grounds of Bellefontaine; these memorials honor individuals and families with dignity, character, and art.

Monument Design & Purchase

For 160 years, Bellefontaine has worked with families, architects, and artists to memorialize the dead in the unique spirits of their lives. We can design memorials ranging from flat tablets to 20-foot obelisks to animal and angel statues, with the option to create anything a family desires.

We have a vast inventory of samples available on site to help guide your selection, and our staff will work with you to design a unique marker, or one in keeping with the history of your family lot. We are also happy to work with your preferred monument dealer.


Should you choose to bury your loved one elsewhere, or to scatter his or her cremated remains at a site of personal significance, you may elect to honor him or her with a cenotaph — a monument established in his or her honor — at Bellefontaine. A cenotaph provides a location for present and future generation to gather in memory of the deceased, and establishes a spiritual or emotional site of remembrance.

Cenotaphs may be designed specifically for your loved one, in the manner of custom monument at a gravesite or niche.

Floral Tributes

Our floral tributes program provides the opportunity to honor your loved one with ever-changing floral arrangements. Our staff will place a beautifully arranged fresh seasonal bouquet at the location of your loved one, season after season, including a fresh evergreen wreath with a red bow during the winter holidays. An acknowledgement, with the name of the one you are honoring, will be sent to you when each arrangement is delivered.

Click here to download and print out the order form, and return the completed form to us by fax or mail. You may alternately choose to order flowers directly through our partnership with Walter Knoll Florist, by clicking here.

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